Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Screenprinting On The Cheap

Screenprinting On The Cheap is a website that I found whilst scouring the internet for screen printing courses as I really really want to get in to, and have never done it before. 

The concept is, well exactly what is says - screenprinting on the cheap. They aim to make screenprinting more accessible to artists and designers by explaining and demonstrating how it can be done in your own home. I love all their branding for it and because they are American they have got this massive 'can-do' attitude and have signed up to Kickstarter - another thing that I think is a genius idea. 

Basically you have a project, product, idea, invention, whatever that you want to start up, but don't have the funds. You create a profile on Kickstarter, explain what it is you are going to do, and how much you need to start it up, and then if people believe in your idea they can pledge a certain amount of money. The pledgers then get your product/book/project etc when you finally have the funds to have gone through with it. 

So for example with Screenprinting On The Cheap, you pledge money so they can make the $10,000 dollars they need to produce their book, and then when they have the money, they can go ahead and produce it, and the pledgers get the book. 

I have pledged $25 as you know, money is a bit tight this month, but it means that I will get a PDF version of the book to download when they have created the project. And if it all falls through? You don't have to pay your pledge. Simples. You are acting more of a backer than a buyer. 

Here are some snippets from The Screenprinting On The Cheap website, their video and some bits from their kickstarter page and their website can be found here. 

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