Useful Links

For me, as much as it is for people who read my blog, here is a list of my favourtie blogs, sites and other general things that I like on the internet. I will be updating as I go along, so bear with me!
Website of Alison Carmichael, a brilliant hand typographer whom I both envy and adore.
Tumblr blog of a designer called Lee Crutchley who I have been following for a few years now. He does what I aim to do at some point - posts typographic illustrations of song lyrics, movie quotes and the like.
A blog by Aegir Hallmundur about type, typography, lettering, calligraphy and other related things that inspire him.!/kerry346
The Hype Machine - possibly my saviour. A blog that collates all the blogged about new music in one place. Genius. The link is to my 'liked songs', so have a listen to what I'm loving!
A blog by Joy Deangdeelert Cho is a graphic designer, blogger, and absolute foodie. Her blog is split into different sections, my favourite being oh joy! eats, which shows 'currently snacking on posts'.
The Clothes Whisperer - A blog that documents all the things that I can't afford but want anyway.
Wonderland Magazine Blog - all my favourite things in one place - fashion, music, photography... all made to look beautiful.