Friday, 8 June 2012

Olympic Torch, Humpadinck and a Jubilee Jamboree!

So May and June have been pretty celebratory months what with the olympic torch making its way round the south west, the I popped home for the olbligatory annual Eurovision Party and then last weekend saw 4 days of celebrations for the Queen. 

I was a bit of an Olympic Torch stalker and managed to catch it before I went to work in Bristol on the morning and then it made its way down past Eagle Tower in Cheltenham on the evening before it mades its way to the Racecourse. It was so great to see so so many people fill the pavements and streets waiting to see it come past, and it was such a fuzzy warm feeling to see everyone come together. Loved it. 

Even the policemen were getting in on the action! 

Then the weekend after that was good old Eurovision, and even though we pretty much came last no thanks to Humpadinck, we still had a good time dressing up as a chosen country and watching the madness on tele... I went as England, of course, my boyfriend went as a loose interpretation of Italy and then there was a whole lot of frenchness going on! 

And then the weekend just gone saw the Jubilee celebrations finally come around. We had a big Jubilee party in my not so big flat, and due to the typical British weather we had to bring the outdoor party indoors, but with a gazebo, plenty of tables, chairs, bunting and my wonderful Queens head jelly mould and tattoos from the whole thing was a success. And then the evening after we finished off the weekend by going to watch the Jubilee flame being lit on Clifton Downs. A good time had by all and I really feel like everyone has got their British pride back, hurrah! 

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