Monday, 18 March 2013

Screen Printing at PrintClubLondon

Yesterday I went to PrintClubLondon screenprinting workshop in London to finally learn how to screenprint! I have been wanting to go on this course for ages as I never had the oppurtunity to learn how to do it at college or university (£3000 a year down the drain there then...) Their site can be found here, where you can book a days screenprinting beginners course for the bargainous price of £45. Marvellous! 

Needless to say it was so so good, and I now have the screenprinting bug! Have so much respect for people who print more than one colour, as it is so hard to get it right first time! There were some amazing prints around the studio on drying racks and whatnot and can't wait to see all the work at Pick Me Up at Somerset House in London in April. 

Here are some snippets of what my prints look like, limited edition screenprints will be available to buy soon. Some of them have some happy accidents on them where the ink bled through into the white space, but I actually really like it, and have one of the 'imperfect' ones hung on my wall, as I kind of prefer it to the perfect one! 

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