Friday, 14 December 2012

Off on an adventure...

As some of you may know I am off to South Africa over the festive period (leaving my loved ones behind *sob*), but then also spending two and a bit weeks with some very lovely people too :) 

I am hoping to, when I can, write travel updates of where I have been and what I have been upto, when I can find a decent wi-fi connection! 

I just want to thank you all for visiting my blog each day when I post something new, my numbers have been slowly going up, so it's nice to know that the things I am posting are of interest to some people! 

It's been a bit of a big year, Olympics, Royal shiz and whatnot, but it's personally been a big year for me too, ups and downs, new job, new friends, old friends making me realise how lucky I am to have them, and really treasuring my family and all the people I love the most this year. It's been a toughie, and I have learnt to be patient, not to take the most little and everyday things for granted, and just to strive to be happy and a good person. I think 2012 has made me a stronger person, opened my eyes a bit, and I'd like to think that I will be ending it on a higher point than what it started! Anyways before I start getting all emotional, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year y'all. 

Let's hope that '13 is not just lucky for some, but is lucky for us all. I've got a good feeling in my bones! 

Watch this space for my travel adventures, 

Lots of love 

Wheeler xxx 

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