Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Happy New Rihanna Day!

Ok, so it came out a few days ago, so I'm a bit late on that one. But I know it's gonna be good. It was only a while ago that I was super excited about Talk That Talk coming out, so either the last year has flown by, she has been a busy gal or a bit of both. 

Only heard snippets so far, I'm already in love. I know she can be a bit of a douche sometimes, but damn she fine. And yeah she might not be the best live singer in the world, but her recording voice is amazing. I bet you felt the same euphoria the first time you heard We Found Love, drunk in a club with your mates, or the memories you get from when Umberella played that entire summer. And Drunk on Love feat The XX. Maaaaaan. So good. And on Jay Z's label? Pssh easy. 

I find it odd that girls seem to be more in love with her than the boys do. Most of the responses are kind of take it or leave it from the guys I have brought it up with, then most of the girls you ask about her, she is on their number one girlcrush list (including myself). Oddness. Probably something to do with having Chris Brown and Drake fight over her too. Don't know a girl who wouldn't say no to that! 

Right now off her new album I have got Love Without Tragedy/Mother Mary on repeat. Argh! So good! Love love love it. Can't wait to get obsessed with the rest of the album. Cheers RiRi. 

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