Monday, 26 November 2012

Annie Mac Presents 2012 - video snips...

So. It was amazing. Disclosure DJ set, Annie Mac DJ set, Redlight, and then Magnetic Man. 'Mazers. 

There are a few videos below, doesn't really do it justice, and you can probably most definitely hear me singing and whooping. Hey, it was good and I was drunk OK?! 

You will have to bear with the first few seconds of each video, I did the whole recording and then turning my camera round. This way, they are the right way up for most of the vid.... 

Disclosure DJ set - Latch 

Disclosure DJ set - Latch take two (yeah they played it twice, crowd went off both times...)

Annie Mac DJ set - Harlem Shake

Annie Mac DJ set - TNGHT - Higher Ground

Magnetic Man DJ set - Getting Nowhere

Redlight DJ set - Delilah - Inside my love (Redlight remix)

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