Thursday, 20 September 2012

Etching with Tony and the Homies!

Today I spent the afternoon etching in Cheltenham at Tony's studio, basically inking up, getting grubby and having a whale of a time. The photos are all out of order as uploaded from my phone, but somewhere amongst all the photos of the the etching and aquatinting process, Tony departing his wisdom and Claire making a lot of mess you will find my final pieces. So much fun, and all courtesy of Home, who I have now been with for a month and loving it. So glad I became a Homie! 

Tony's studio in Cheltenham, Mike filing away in the background! 

Claire beginning to make a mess :) worth it though her final prints looked amazing! 
My initial idea sketch
Acid! Stopping out areas of the plate to get the different tones

My final plate
Tony passing on his etching wisdom!
Claire inking up!
Close up of my plate
My final masterpiece! Totally forgot about it being a reverse image but pretty happy with it!
Our little plates 
Claire's aftermath :) 
First stages of stopping out and aquatinting
My final print from my little plate
Safety first kids

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