Sunday, 29 July 2012

Millenium Square, Mooching and Macaroons

So we were going to go to the beach this weekend but because a.) the weather decided to turn cooler on the weekend - typical and b.) the beach we were going to go to was where that awful cliff collapse happened, we thought we would enjoy a lie in and explore the sites of Bristol that we still had not ventured.

Friday night we set up a picnic on Millenium Square and watched the amazing site that was the Olympic Ceremony. All I can say is Danny Boyle done good. And it was made all the better by watching it with hundreds more people also enjoying picnic wine and sunshine in the middle of Bristol, cheering along with the familiar faces of Daniel Craig, David Beckham and anything that resembled something remotely British getting whoops and rounds of applause. Also made me very proud (and also quite emotional) when everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, got to their feet and sang the National Anthem. Goosepimples. 

The crowds begin to gather... 

The Big Screen

More and more people came throughout the evening

Saturday we thought we would visit all the places in Bristol that we are yet to visit - Gloucester Road and Stokescroft and rather than drive (we were feeling rather energetic) we ended up walking a 7.5 mile round trip! Gloucester Road was great, I finally understand the passion behind keeping the independence of Bristol trade alive, every single shop and cafe along there are pretty much all independent, apart from the Costa which was dead compared to the hustle and bustle of all the cafes and bars with tables and chairs outside that were full of people (including us) enjoying the sunshine. It was like being abroad somewhere!  

We then carried on down to Stokescroft and mooched in and out of all the eclectic furniture, fashion shops and what not. We then headed into The Bear Pit as there were some pretty enticing smells coming from down there to find it's very own little community including a stall selling the most amazing looking jerk chicken, The Hip Hop Chip Shop (eats and beats!) and some local artists and jewellery makers. Very unexpected and very cool. More can be found about the Bear Pit revival here as I know it still has a bit of a bad rep :

Also loved all the artwork in and around the Bear Pit, including the Shelfless Book Exchange where people leave books to be enjoyed by the next person to pick it up. Love it. 

We then visited Christmas steps, aswell as stopping off at a cheeky bakery and picking up my first ever macaroon. If you have never had one you are missing a right treat! These ones we bought and then devoured minutes later at so so good! 

And then this evening I have just got back from finally watching The Dark Knight Rises. All I can say is - wow. Hardy is unbelievable, I want to be Anne Hathaway and straddle a motorbike clad in leather and a cat mask and god dammit Michael Cain, I can't help blubbering when you are crying too! So so good. And so good to see Joseph Gordon Levitt coming into his own after watching him as an awkward teenager in 10 Things I Hate About You, ironically starring good old Heath who played the Joker in the first of the Dark Knight Trilogy. Well Done. 

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