Monday, 16 July 2012

2000 Gallons of Mud....

So it's been a busy few weeks with not a lot happening, other than the usual day to day busyness of life, but this weekend saw the annual trip to 2000 trees festival with my good friend Phillippa.
Basically, we put in a few shifts at the bar, which I kind of enjoy anyway and we get free tickets. Bonus.
Although this year was a hella lot muddy than usual (literally, never seen mud like it), we pitched camp, pulled pints, had a bit of a dance and dressed up as Sims, as you do (this years fancy dress theme was video games characters, I would like to think I excelled myself this year, I am known as The Don of fancydress) and had a muddy good time. Also now have a few more favourite musical likes to add to my playlist. Good times all round.
Below are a few snippets from our muddy weekend, and a few samples from my new musical finds... 

Excuse the squiffyness of the image, haven't quite figured out how to rotate images in blogspot! 

And here are my musical likes of the weekend... 

Lucy Rose has a gorgeous voice... 

As do Lanterns on The Lake.. 

Goodnight Lenin are a local brummy band (well local to me), and were a lovely bunch of chaps.. 

And I have once again rekindled my love for The Futureheads after seeing a brilliant acoustic set from them, followed by there much more lively one on the main stage.. 

So even though it was a complete mudfest, it was definitely a weekend to remember, and we managed to catch a bit of sunshine as well as polishing my driving in the mud in the middle of a field skills. Win. 

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