Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Off on an adventure...

So today I'm kind of having one of those days where I just want to go on an adventure. Completely impossible I know, but at some point I do actually want to travel around America and just go exploring.

Have come across this really awesome site called and it is exactly that. Tiny little houses and cabins for sale. I'm a bit claustrophobic but I do, however, love being all cosied up somewhere, like when you go on a caravan holiday and its raining outside but you are all tucked up nice and warm and the seagulls are pounding their big feet on the tin roof. Also anyone remember Charlie Chalk? He lived on this treasure island with a little portable wooden beach hut for a house. Loved it. And now you can actually buy houses like this?! Amazing. 

I think what I love about them is the design aspect of having to make a workable living space in such small dimensions and make them actually look good too. I could spend hours looking at this site. Here are some of my favourites... 

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