Sunday, 29 April 2012

Weekend in Bristol - movies, mooching, munchies and mopeds

It was my 5th Anniversary with my boyfriend this week and rather than spending monies going somewhere, taking ages to get there, not sleeping well in an unknown bed and it being a complete wash out anyways we though we would spend time exploring Bristol. Even though we have been here since September it seems like we have only really explored little bits of it, and there is always something to do anyways.
Friday night we saw The Avengers Assemble at our little independant cinema about two minutes walk from our flat. It's under a fiver a ticket so everyone's a winner!

If you haven't seen it yet, then I definitely recommend it. After seeing the trailer I thought they made it look a bit too "epic" and thought it was just gonna be a whole load of explosions and a bit rubbish, but I loved every minute of it. Can't decide who is my favourite. Maybe if they combined Thor's rugged good looks and Iron Man (well, Downey Junior's) humour and wit then I would be a happy gal! Also, stick around after the credits, there is a little treat! 

Check out the old school 3D glasses we got given at the little cinema, you don't throw these bad boys away! They were so heavy they hurt my face half way through! 

After, we went to a new Spanish Tapas bar, again, two minutes walk from our flat. Very cosy bar to get away from the rain and pretend we were on holiday :) 

Saturday I woke up to a package of anniversary presents, I am so spoilt! Best card in the world and can't wait to see Phantom!!!!! 

We then ventured in Bristol, had breakfast at the famous Rocotillos, walked right into the middle of an Italian car and motorbike fiesta and then past some very cool  street art.

We then walked towards the Mud Dock and as part of Eat Drink Fashion Bristol Festival they have got these teepees set up with a bar inside, great to get out of the rain and have a drink or two! 

Thank you to my lovely boyfriend for a lovely weekend! 

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