Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Russell Brand quotes Tupac in The House of Commons...yes!

I am a BIG fan of Russell Brand. Like, really, really big. From seeing him in the little pokey civic hall doing stand up comedy in Wolverhampton many moons ago, and in more recent years on the big screen. Not only do I love him for the obvious comedic value, but the way he thinks, what he believes in and the way he articulates himself - it all fascinates me. I have read both his books and found them both brilliant in the content and composition. I have listened to his podcasts from the infamous Russell Brand Show on Radio 2 before it got cancelled because of 'that' phone call. I have heard about his struggles with fame, drugs, alcohol and other addictions and seen how he has battled and recovered from these and have a great deal of respect for him.

So to hear that he is now standing up for his beliefs in relation to drug and susbtance abuse and how addiction is a disease, and should be treated like one, and to debate and discuss this in the House of Commons, well, I knew it was going to be good.

I find it funny how shocked people are to realise how articulate and intelligent he is. Yes you can be the previous things as a person, which Russell Brand chooses to be, but yes he can also be a bit silly. These two things aren't exclusive, you can in fact, be both. And he is, most amazingly! It annoys me slightly how certain newspaper websites have titled the video with such headlines as "The Russell Brand Show arrives at Parliament" it makes people think it is going to be non-sensical and less viable before they have even watched it. And from reading a few comments from the way the video clip has been edited, I think it has been cut in this way to make this seem even more so. I don't know what it is with the media, but hopefully everything that he has said will be taken on board, and drug and susbtance abuse as a disease, and the treatment of addicts and actions will be taken to address the matters so that the outcomes are beneficial for everyone.

And the fact that he quoted Tupac? Amazing. 

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