Thursday, 26 April 2012

Diamonds (and snow leopards) are a girl's best friend.. the new Cartier advert.

Have just seen the new (well new to me) advert for Cartier. It is more like a mini film being over 3 minutes long, but it is definitely sticking it through and watching the whole thing.

It's like a diamond encrusted Narnia with elephants with palaces on their backs, serpents and birds, palaces and chambers, shots of Paris all finished off with a beautifully dressed model at the end, with the Wright brothers thrown in for good measure.

After reading up on Cartier a little, I found out that Wallis Simpson designed a lot of the Cartier jewellery before she made history with the events that happened later in her life, but her favourite animal and design was the snow leopard. A Cartier legacy that has been brought to life in this decadent piece of film.

Diamonds (and snow leopards) are a girl's best friend... watch the advert below.

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