Friday, 20 April 2012

Cheltenham Design Festival

So after the months, maybe even years of the idea of a Cheltenham design festival being banded around the office, meeting after meeting and all the other bits inbetween the Cheltenham Design Festival is finally here! 

Today I have been in and out of the office, popping over to The Parabola Arts Centre to listen to some of the talks that have been on. Up first was 'Post Card from Design' with David Hillman formerly of Pentagram, Bruce Duckworth, partner of packaging company Turner Duckworth, as well as my boss, Marksteen Adamson, Creative Director of Cheltenham's very own ArthurSteenHorneAdamson. It was a great start to the festival with topics breached such as roles of people working in design, education within design, what the future holds and the age old debates of crowdsourching and whether students, or any designer for that matter should work for free.

David Hillman may be my new favourite person! 

The next talk that I went to was The Rise of Technology and Social Media. This was presented by the guys from ICO, their site can be founder here, a great company that if I am honest I have never heard of before, but have done some great work that I have loved like the 'Snog' yoghurt company. They showed some great ways of how social media can be embraced by brands to really solve some problems and make them stand out. Plus some very funny internet memes of LOL cat. I was sold. 

The final talk that I went to today was by Simon Waterfall titled 'How, Who and Woh!'. Blunt from the start he introduced himself by saying that he was incredibly hungover from the D&AD awards last night (rock'n'roll) and discussed some really thought provoking topics such as how brands should be responsible for the design they create and how Coca Cola is going to change the world for good! I would tell you all about it, but hey I'm pretty pooped and my brain is overloaded with all this inspiration! 

He did show us two great things though, one being The Creators Project, which was so inspirational it gave me goosebumps and can be found here you really need to look in it, really exciting stuff. 

And to finish it off played this amazingly shot video: 

Can't wait to see what Sagmeister is going to bring to the table tomorrow! 

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  1. Really gutted I missed out, it sounds like a really inspiring day!