Tuesday, 9 August 2011

what wheeler DOESN'T like...

... is all these riots. It's disgusting and makes me feel physically sick. How dare they. How dare these people think they can go in and loot and take what they want. It makes me SO angry that they blame it on jobs and poor communities. People know what is morally right and wrong no matter where you come from and what background you have. 

For the last two nights (and as I type) I am glued to BBC News, and Twitter, looking at updates and keeping informed on what is going on. I was always a bit sceptical about Twitter but it has been SO good at keeping people up to date on events minute by minute. 

I'm not going to give the rioters the satisfaction of blogging the horrible and sickening damage that they have done to London and Birmingham (VERY close to my heart) but I was warmed by some of the things that have happened because of Twitter and it bringing people together despite what has been happening. And some people just saying what everyone else is thinking... 

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