Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Lucy In Disguise

I followed Lily Allen's documentary on tv about her setting up her own vintage clothes boutique with her sister. Aswell as the amazing clothes they had on there, it was also really insightful into what a genuine, down to earth, tell-it-like-it-is-take-no-bullshit person that Lily is. 

Anyways, they have now got a site and a blog up for their shop, and recently had a launch party at Harvey Nics, where they also sell some items too, and I LOVE the invite. Maybe next time I am in Covent Garden I can go and mooch around and pretend I have got money to spend! 

Cute invite: 

From the launch party: 

Images taken from the Lucy in Disguise website and blog which can be found here.

And if I had the money I would purchase this cheeky little playsuit from their Harvey Nichols collection, which can be found here. If anyone would like to lend me £110, that would be smashing. 

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